Our services include flexible project rates, easy to implement small business packages, as well as programming for univerities, non profits and corporations.

Start a Project
$150 per hour

We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO's and investors in a variety of capacities. Our solutions and recommendations are are customer-centric and value-generative.

our role

  • strategists 

  • generalists 

  • fixers 

  • managers 

  • designers 

  • philosophers

  • content creators

we build

  • business plans and pitches

  • multi-platform marketing and brand strategies 

  • new products and services

  • prototypes


Small Business Packages

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Package 1
Customer Experience Audit

Is your customer seeing the same things you are? 

  • More than 80% of businesses believe they provide a superior customer experience when their customers believe the opposite. 

We can help you identify the issues and design better solutions.



Package 2
Brand Identity Documentation

Does your brand matter?  

  • All the best brands follow strict brand guidelines, you should too.

We work with you to create a document- ready to hand off to your designer - for the creation of new designs or to implement guidelines retroactively on an existing brand.



Package 3
Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

Too much to do, too little time to do it?

  • What to do first and what to put off.  These are the decisions we as entrepreneurs and business owners make every day, yet most of us lack the tools to do without the stress and anxiety. 

Intuition and your "gut" helped you make decisions vital to your success, we will help you create formal processes to sustain and grow that success.



Package 4
Existing Business Jumpstart

Do you want to get out of a rut?

  • Changes to your business demand a close look and respect for long-term vision

We work closely with owners and leadership to generate insights and develop concepts that will allow you to stay competitive in the future.  


Want our help starting a new business? 
Packages start at $10,000

We want to be there every step of the way when you start your business.  Since most of our tools are human-centered, the more we can collaborate with you, the better solutions we produce.  This intensive course will guide you in designing your business.  At the end of this course you will have a legal entity, brand guide, website, and a blueprint for how your business will operate.

30 Days - 12 Sessions - 1 Entrepreneur


  • Basic Service Blueprint 

  • Market Research Assistance

  • Business Plan

  • Brand Identity Document  

  • Starter Website

  • Custom Workshops and Tools

  • Dedicated Everson16 Associate

Does not include content creation.
In some cases we will offer reduced rates in exchange for equity. 

Corporate, University, and Non-Profit Programming

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Start A New Business Program

This four-part workshop series will empower local entrepreneurs to start, expand, or grow their business. This will be accomplished by blending traditional business strategy with a human-centered design approach to give entrepreneurs a competitive advantage. Workshop participants will learn new skills through listening to short, interactive lectures and then learning by doing. This will enable participants to collaboratively work through real problems so that they can directly apply it to their own business needs. Participants will be given a pre-determined business opportunity and work together in small groups to apply new tools and processes. These processes will be directly transferrable to their own business.


Pitch Competition

Does your business want to invest in local talent?  Is your university or organization looking to promote entrepreneurship?  Our Pitch Competition is a turnkey entrepreneurial fast pitch event designed to recruit and support applicants in the development of business ideas.  These ideas can be focused on innumerable facets i.e. community, innovation, energy, etc. The program combines workshops and templates to get selected applicants ready for a fast pitch event.  At the conclusion of the program each participant successfully gave a pitch and presented to administrators, investors, and community leaders.


Jumpstart JETPACK

JETPACK© is a toolkit for entrepreneurs and organizations navigating the “fuzzy front-end” of design and projects. This toolkit was built by a group of designers and entrepreneurs who believe in that design is an imperative to helping teams build context and drive innovation whether they are a startup, Fortune 500, or non-profit organization. JETPACK© is broken down into four key areas and is a mixture of workshops and workbooks that empower participants to engage, visualize, and codify their work.