You have an idea, but you want something more.
We can help.

Everson16 leads entrepreneurs and businesses through the ambiguity and unavoidable complexity involved in doing something new.  


How we help.
- Clarify business model and processes
- Design and test concepts
- Align vision and opportunity
- Develop Business plans and pitches


Design your competitive advantage today.


We supply tools and insight for solo-penuers, startups, and established businesses to identify opportunities and convert opportunity to success. 

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Human-Centered Strategy

You have questions,
we find answers.

Every business is different, including yours.  Figuring out what is right for your business is a constant struggle for most entrepreneurs.  Everson16 believes holistic planning and experimentation is the key to continued business success.

Design Management

If you build it they will come.

This adage holds only some of the significance it once did.  They may come but 14 seconds later they may leave.  Applications, websites, or physical spaces, Everson16 will put together the pieces you need to create the experience your customer deserves. 

Our Other Skills

  • Contextual Research 

  • Design Thinking 

  • Insight and Idea Generation

  • Trends and Futures

  • Systems and Processes 

  • Workshop Facilitation


Accolades and News

Companies selected for casting in ABC's "Shark Tank".

Companies featured in,, The Guardian, and Tech Times.

Mentored companies have receive more than $250,000 in funding.